Post-Range Cleaning Complete

IMG_5826November 30, 2014
Lessons learned today:
1) Thorough pre-range cleaning with complete disassembly is a must. Whether it is due to the cleaning or the fact that the wife and cohort picked out a great 91/30, I got a couple of compliments on the smoothness of the action. I can only hope that MY action is as silky at 74…
2) Firing left-handed is going to require some more practice (ambidextrous)…
3) Two words: stripper clips. Ordering them now.
4) “Wow. That bolt will really slide forward if reloading with the muzzle down.” (Adapted and reloaded with the thumb of the right hand holding the bolt back)
5) “Ha. Ha. That is SO not a ‘safety’.” Who were the Soviets kidding? The only ‘safety’ they had in mind was either there were no more Germans/Finns/enemy du jour, or there were no more rounds left.
6) Aim low at 50 yards if you want to be able to impress someone with actually HITTING the target. Better yet – just do a familiarization fire at 25 yards just to see how each rifle feels/fires.
7) Don’t… repeat… do NOT bring more than 50 rounds if you are firing the standard butt-plate and have plans involving the full range of motion of your right shoulder… like post-range cleaning, 100m butterfly event, or scratching your fourth point of contact. (Actually, it’s not that bad… just sounds funnier with slight exaggeration)
8) “Yeah, your AR might be tricked out and spiffy… but mine probably has seen action and yeah – I saw you jump when I fired.” is probably best thought instead of spoken.


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