A Day Away From the Range


So, I passed on going to the range today – I guess my earlier post sort of killed my mood for burning though any more of my stockpile of 7.62×54 – plus, it was too damn hot.
Instead, I have had that awesome song from the trailer for the “Battle for Sevastopol” floating in my head all… friggin’…day. Since the wife is reluctant to translate anything else for me after my discovery of “horrible, low-class vulgarity” choice Russian profanity (“залу́па” almost got her laptop and external hurled at me while I was minding my own business and diligently sounding out the characters… ), I looked up the singer and the words.
“Солнце моë – взгляни на меня,
Моя ладонь превратилась в кулак,
И если есть порох – дай огня.
Вот так…”
“My sun, come on, look at me
My palm turned into a fist
And if there’s gunpowder, give me fire
That’s how it is”
…Impressive chorus.
Now, I wished I went to go shoot.


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