A New Beginning

The story of most of my posts.

Social Media can be fickle.

Time and effort is invested in researching and writing what one would hope to be an effective bridge between thought and print. With social media, the audience is typically limited to a circle of friends and acquaintances, making availability and the resulting feedback somewhat of an issue. However, the desire to share with a larger audience beyond Facebook has proven to be greater than any issues which have been a hindrance up to this point.

Therefore, I begin with another extension of writing – combining writing with all that is military surplus (milsurps). Whether or not I stick to this particular theme has yet to be determined, and if I stray from your expectations of being “just another gun blog”, I offer my apologies and condolences for your disappointment.

The viewpoints and perspectives found here are mine alone and do not reflect the official stances/views of any past, present, or future organization, company, or entity to which I have belonged to. I will make every effort to provide accurate and reliable sources, but most importantly, I aim to provide for entertaining and enlightening reading. Enjoy!


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