Georgia Heat

IMG_20150523_171628May 23, 2015
A few of lessons learned today at the range:
1. No “tasty/greasies” before going to an outdoor range in the Georgia mid-day sun. Choosing to do so interrupts your 200m time with 200m sprints to the porta-potti that probably doubles for a foundry…
2. Hydrate. See lesson #1.
3. At some point the heat will begin to justify the near misses in terms of “Well, [expletive deleted] I would keep my head down, if I were that guy…”
4. Dushka (M44) is an artist – likes to make pretty concentric rings in the dirt under the muzzle.
5. (Not Mosin-related, but share worthy) Slugs drop significantly at 100m. They also do a fair job on the target bracket. Noted (again).


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