MilSurp Collectors


Who are we?

You can find us on the range with rifles, pistols, and shotguns several times our age with a firm fascination for functional relics of history and a sometimes obsessive devotion to the preservation of our past for the sons and daughters to come.

You can find us in museums, taking time to appreciate the restoration the caretakers and curators have poured into their collection of antiquated articles of warfare. Not only do we admire a properly assembled collectionand the efforts for factual and logical association, we secretly envy those for whom regular handling of these treasures and the “routine” days they must have.

You can find us at gun shows, circling and silent – looking for the “right” deal – the one where everyone wins… from the collector of milsurps to the impartial and oblivious former owner of “just some old rifle”. If we can make the process as cost-effective for us, it is all the better – but for some, cost is no hinderance to ownership.

You can find us online. Offering advice, challenging tribal lore, learning, teaching, supporting, and joking. Some can rattle off complex tales of the quirks of production, others can give complex chemical rationale for modern versions of a long-forgotten solvent, and many can (and will) share pictures of collections gone awry or in the process of being added to. We help each other in searches, we scour area pawn shops after thefts involving vintage rifles, and we find the one missing part or rifle needed by a stranger we only know through words on a screen.

We’re a strange lot – us collectors of military surplus.

However, we are happy – and we will readily share that happiness and knowledge that goes with it.


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