Mosin Tool

Range Troubleshooting Tip:
Bring the silly Mosin tool.
If anything, it’s pretty efficient at scratch-off lottery tickets, but first and foremost, it does a good job at doing what it was designed to do – disassemble petulant rifles.
I hit the road for some long-distance scouting for pawn shop gems earlier today (I was as lucky as a one-legged Nazi on roller skates at a Mosin meet) and decided to drop by the range on the way home aimin’ to punish more semi-defective steel plates.
The trigger seemed a bit off and was cramping my rhythm of “bang…ping” and I had filed it in the back of my mind under “look into when I get home” when the bolt slid all the way back and out on the last round.
Reload, and round #21 burst forth in a high-speed exclamation point into the dirt 50 yards downrange. Paying more attention to the trigger, there was a lot of back and forth play, but not enough to call it a day. Round #25 fired prematurely as well, but still hit the 200 yard plate, and while this was impressive, it warranted an inspection to see how many pieces the trigger spring disassembled itself into.
Clearing the rifle and breaking it down, I re-learned a lesson one would think I learned the few times before with an M60D I had just gone full cyclic for 200 rounds: barrel=hot. After that little check-on-learning (retrained), I found that the wee little screw for the trigger spring had merely backed off a bit.
Re-tightened, reassembled, and finished out the last 30 rounds with consistent “bang…ping” bliss.
(Really doesn’t matter what you bring – just bring tools)


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