Product Review: Boyt Harness Alaskan Series Shotgun Case (Medium)


April 7, 2015

In keeping with the canvas look, I decided to go with the this soft case instead of the previously reviewed one. The way I saw it, if it failed to work with the M44, then it would be a new home for the 590A1…
So, does it fit?
Does a grossly overweight trucker fit in a Speedo?
Sure, but the bulging parts will probably wear through with too much friction.
This case is snug over the bayonet hinge. If “Dushka” could speak, she would say something along the lines of it “feeling funny, like the rope in gym class”. Doable, and perhaps the lack of wiggle room would work well when it comes to performing the “get inna woods” part of the readers’ emergency plan, but stripping off the case in a jiffy would be akin to, as George Carlin once put it, “getting wet leather leggings off of someone who is kicking”.
Even for “Sarge”, the 590A1, it would be much easier to rack a hasty shell and panic perforate the end of the case than to tug the snag-hazard of a bayonet lug clear of the very nicely quilted interior.
All in all, very good case and definitely a keeper – heed the warning and go with the larger case.


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