Product Review: Generic Stripper Clips

IMG_5910.JPGJanuary 1, 2015

In wandering around the local gun show last weekend, I happened across two different types of stipper clip. Just for the sake of having yet another “product review”, I picked up several of both.
The clips on the left, I shall refer to as “sweet сало (salo) smoothness”, or “s3”, for it fed much like refrigerated fatback being consumed by a corrupt chekist… simple enough and quickly.
On the right, I refer to as “free cookies” because the possibility for loss of blood is about on par for what one would expect for accidentally showing up at a blood drive… at least there, you get free cookies. They fed easily enough, but the edges and redundant pointy bits really sort of killed the enjoyment much in the same way playing Russian Roulette on your hand with a staple gun.
All in all, to those recent new owners of Mosin Nagants… get both – one to enjoy and one to give to the friend who you know will hog the gun all afternoon and then later swear he “can’t find the right 7.62 rounds for your gun”.


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