Range Report – 1944 Tula M44, aka “Dushka”

IMG_6288.JPGMarch 1, 2015

Not to be fired with a hangover. Period. This weapon will make a recovering drunkard swear off booze or swear to never stop drinking. Words here cannot sufficiently convey the “head-in-a-tin-can” feeling that comes from spotting for the new shooter firing what feels like Thor’s post-cabbage flatulence. Pretty sure I no longer need to floss for the next week due to prolonged proximity to this weapon.
Percussive preventive dental care aside, another flaw for fans of imbibing is the readjustment from the “almost to the target” length of the 91/30 to the “this is just odd” feel of shorter familiarity. It may be just operator error and a sight picture as unfamiliar as political ethics, but the “bang” to “ping” ratio was dismal for the 60 rounds fired (11 hits). It could also very well be that I was hitting the target with acoustic rounds from this lovely, but untamed carbine… we shall know more next week.
All in all, still enamored with the comfort of the 91/30, but “Dushka” will remain a favorite and available for psychological warfare/lane clearing when it comes to all of the AR owners nursing Mojito hangovers.
Also noted: first split casing. Round 5. No issues for the following 55 rounds, but it was a very definite difference in sound upon firing…



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