What Started it All…

After several weeks of research, I had joined a Facebook page devoted to the Mosin Nagant in search of interaction with other owners of this venerable rifle. I was not disappointed in the quality and quantity of assistance which became available in all shapes and sizes – from quirky commentary to sage advice. It was through this group that I slowly started offering more than the generic “what can you tell me about this rifle” posts which seem to be never ending, even to this day. As a result, my creative legs were stretched to get me to where we are presently…



IMG_20141025_124154November 10, 2014

My birthday present was a Tula 1940 M91/30 picked up from the local gun shop. I’ve done as much research as I reasonably can, but I’m curious: would you folks recommend taking a trip to a local gunsmith prior to the range? The bolt, barrel, and related items of cosmoline-smeared importance are in the process of being cleaned and given an intro-level inspection when time permits, but… well… it’s an OLD friggin’ gun.
Also… does the bayonet require percussive removal on all Mosins?


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