Seller Review

IMG_6294February 26, 2015

So, Seller Review:
I have this crazy theory that “word-of-mouth” advertising is the best form in that it comes from reliable sources, is easily disseminated, and – best of all – is free. With that being said, the folks at MBR Industries up in Cummings, GA are WELL worth the effort of advertising from this mouth…

Approachable, prompt in communications, and more than willing to hold my purchase until I was up that way a few days after the bid was won…even with the threat of Snowpocalypse: Atlanta Part II looming. If you’ve seen any of their items up for auction, you are seeing what you are getting. The only way you could get a better feel for the weapon without physically touching it would be to dip your mouse in a vat o’ Cosmoline – which, upon in-store inspection and barely restrained home-inspection, reveals almost NONE of the gelatinous glee found elsewhere.

Otherwise, a great pleasure chatting and doing business with them. If I knew I could get away with it, I would be doing more frequent business with them, however, I saw the look in her eyes when I picked up the PU, blonde 91/30 and Finn (dunno the details on that one because all I heard at that point was the low-frequency grinding of icebergs of patience and tolerance being crushed into cube ice…)

Absolutely… without a single reservation.


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