Inspiration and Frustration

Originally posted January 31, 2016.

There are some times when my forum posts make me want to bury my head in the sand and wait for sanity to reconvene. Guess the “more analysis and reflection” the professor recommended should come with a prescription of antidepressants.

I tend to read and consider for a bit before responding, but one question brought me back to reading some of my other posts and comments. Inspiration has struck…

Kabul, Afghanistan 2004. (Source: author.)

“Have we arrived at such a place in history where we are so ‘civilized’ that it is inappropriate to intentionally make war on civil populations? Have we become that politically correct?”

Yes. With social evolution, a form of judicial transcendence has occurred where that which is necessary in war is discouraged for the sake of peace and moral well-being. In the process of my educational and recreational readings, I cannot help but be amazed at the sheer amounts of brutality, destruction, and violence human history contains. While it may have been necessary at the time, the current approach modern civilization is taking towards warfare is very much different than it ever has been. Whether or not that is a result of the more localized approach to weaponry or a maturity in our way of thinking is debatable, the end result is that in the current place we are in human history, we will continue to remain “politically correct” in terms of warfare.

Bamiyan, Afghanistan 2005. (Source: author.)

“Is it now OK to hide behind a civilian population in order to avoid a strike? Can we bomb a mosque?”

Yes. As frustrating as it is to write, it is the truth as others have shown. “Total war” is a strategy between industrialized nations, just like any and all conventions, treaties, and laws governing conventional conflicts. However, one never truly appreciated until it is actually declared “history”. What we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other similar conflicts is a necessary and unavoidable modification of a way to actively fight against an opponent superior in nearly every way. I say “nearly” only because our own inferiority in engaging ISIS, ISIL, Al Queda… whomever… is our ability to rapidly anticipate and match the rate of change in tactics, techniques, and procedures.

“ …Why is our war to win not on the table anymore?”

My guess is that we don’t know what we want to win or how to reach that victory in a manner which does not result in more struggles in a year, decade, or century.

I always read back and debate on editing so I don’t come across as an unpatriotic cretin – which is drastically as far from the truth as it can be – but in this case, with the state of where we are as a society and a nation, I figure it is best to leave it the way it is. I hope that unity and clarity comes soon, though. Not only for us, but for pretty much everyone on this planet… because the alternatives we’re steering towards are disconcerting.


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