“Joined November 2017”

I’m still not sure about this step – joining Twitter. I have been extremely critical of our growing dependence on social media platforms and their impact on attention spans when it comes to complex ideas and perspectives, and Twitter is usually the first culprit in mind when I ponder the “Why?” and “How?” of this larger problem.

Two things pushed me over the edge, however: my recent addiction to blogs like Blogs of War and Divergent Options and Paul Gil’s simple definition of Twitter as “microblogging.” With the former, Twitter has been touted as a forum of ideas being bounced around; the latter appeals to my begrudging reluctance to accept inevitable change. This brings to mind quote from a documentary I came across a month ago on Japanese prisons:

The regulations say that you can complain, but the result will not be the one you expect.” (38:08)

Consistency is something I have tried with this blog, and subscribers may note that this is a concept better discussed as theory rather than application. This recent and slow shift is a ham-fisted approach to my own ideas and observations with little in the way of the consideration of complaints, regulation, or expectations. I originally started this blog as a platform to discuss military surplus rifles I came across, then slowly turned into a depository for my academic papers, before finding more material from online discussions as well as my own stories and observations. There was never a pattern or solid framework – it has just been ideas.

However, a slightly different course correction is in process. The more I listen to solid ideas on information warfare, public opinion, and other deeper subjects, the more I find myself wondering what this all means and what the common relation is for these ideas of mine. A few posts back, I wrote “hard questions today make for less painful truths tomorrow” and perhaps the exchanges on Twitter will be part of this process of determining the questions and truths.

For the long-time readers and those who have stumbled across this blog: be patient, be engaged, and keep reading. I have no idea where I will go with this or whether I will get around to reformatting to make for a more logical presentation/compartmentalization of the stuff bouncing around in my head. All I know is that the Muse is still hard at work and I need to keep asking questions and showing my work.

Yeah. Me. Making a math analogy. I’m on Twitter, for Pete’s sake.

It’s a mess, I tell ya.

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