What is your favorite album to listen in its entirety with a good pair of headphones?

Posted 1Sep2017.

My retirement present to myself was a lovely one, indeed – JBL Everest Elite 700’s… something that I could put on and possibly tune out anything short of a seismic event or the random pair of F-15’s breaking the sound barrier over the Chattahoochee (jerks).

As my academic pursuits filled the void once filled with Blackhawks, historical records, and gazebo mentorship, I perfected my playlist for research and writing. I’ve written before about my favorite instrumental music, but many of those examples tend to boggle my mind when played sequentially, so I stick to my routine: the entire “Battlestar Galactica” soundtrack. It provides an ambient rhythm to my thought processes while contaminating the tone of what I write with the authority and poise of Edward James Olmos’ “Adama.”

That is, until my concentration is broken by the lyrics in “Battlestar Operatica”:

“La tua ragazza è un tostapane”

Yeah, I can’t concentrate due to excessive smirking at the only opera I will willingly listen to…

Going back to the whole “favorite album” and how it relates to excellent headphones, I have found that Bear McCreary’s “Worthy of Survival” (who knew strings and taiko drums would fit so well?), “The Temple of Five” (strings, taikos, and a gamelan?), “Refugees Return,” (heartbreakingly powerful), and “Elegy” (the piano is supposed to sound that bad – part of a long story) are good ideas of the texture and concepts behind his music. However“A Promise to Return” will always be one of my absolute favorites with these headphones. There is something intangible about the harmonics of the quartet about midway that justified the price of these headphones.

Yep… right back to my ongoing theme…


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