Continued Observations

I was sitting outside and pondering the previous post when the ghost of an unfinished idea started to take shape. Doing a quick search, I found what I was looking for:

“…3,500 advertisements…”

“…expenditures totaled approximately $100,000…”

“…over 80,000 posts…”

“…reached at least 29 million […] and ‘may have reached an estimated 126 million people…’”

Is this starting to sound familiar?

For those who bothered to read – independent of what the news interpreted – it should.

It is a topic which I have consciously tried to keep as much distance from; yet, as with everything else, I seem to have found myself deliberating upon…

Information Whack-A-Mole (19Oct17):

What is both astonishing and disturbing is how much we have the ability to research the level of the efforts to sway a political opinion, yet how apathetic we are in appreciating how much effort goes into the “swaying” process and what it all means.

Weaponized Opinion (16Dec2018):

So, here we are – in the age of nearly instantaneous global communication, with the technology to digitally manipulate pretty much anything, and a growing dependency on that ever-vulnerable technology. Weird, huh?

Observations and Reactions (9Jun2019):

What truly disturbs me, though, is the growing apathy and inability to fact-check independent of external sources…

What truly worries me is the fact that we want to readily support that which we want to hear over that which may make us question core ideas…

Here Be Dragons (15Aug2019):

…[T]here is always a low-frequency buzz of discomfort in knowing that there are folks out there who think in absolutes when it comes to the concept of knowing the “truth”… or whatever version they cherish the most.

Red Scare… Version 3.0 (23Oct2019):

Perhaps we have grown too complacent with the way things are. Perhaps we have fallen into lethargic apathy at how nations are run. With social media and its influences, it is far too easy to bicker online rather than understand the problem and apply a solution.

Interesting that we have only very recently reached the end of a process which found its roots in the manipulation of information on social media… only to find ourselves desperately reliant upon that same tool for information in our respective isolation.

This is NOT to imply that we are potential victims of the exact same machinations. Instead, this should serve as a reminder that a vulnerability was identified, exploited, and evaluated for effectiveness not just by the main perpetrators, but to the entire world – including ourselves.

“It is not our enemies that defeat us… it is our fear.” (Image source:

…After all, the only true tragedy would be to willingly believe that “it could never happen here/again,” right?

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