Watch Carefully

From a simple observation I made on Facebook today:

Watch carefully.

The laws being proposed today will be enacted under the same paranoia as the Patriot Act… and years later, those freedoms lost in the process will be suddenly realized.

…But it will be too late.

This isn’t about the convoys of military vehicles today (look at the types of vehicles before you get all bent out of shape – I’ve seen military police and medical units, NOT combat arms)… this is more about what subtle and overt bills are being proposed as you read this.

This isn’t about the opinion pieces by your favorite source of bias… this is more about being able to use the time and resources you have to look at sources directly.

Watch carefully – this will be interesting.

“With so much chaos, someone will do something stupid. And when they do, things will turn nasty. And then S̶u̶t̶l̶e̶r̶ the government will be forced to do the only thing h̶e̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶s̶ they know how to do.” Finch, “V for Vendetta”

The need for clarification is imperative for both context and to provide solid examples of what I briefly alluded to… which tends to be nearly impossible due to the sheer depth and layers of local and national government. Rabbit holes upon rabbit holes, really.

Originally, I had one specific bill in mind: H.R. 5717 – “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020” (introduced 30Jan2020). Merely a rehash of previous – and failed – attempts to address some form of gun control, I find it fascinating in light of the sudden demand in places where such laws have proven to be frustrating for the residents who supported their implementation.  

However, the issue isn’t as much as it is one aspect of rights protected and afforded by the Constitution; rather, it is more the never-ending challenge of navigating the various sources and origins of the news/opinion du jour. Whether it is the idea that the Department of Justice is seeking additional power over rights, or the implementation of the Defense Production Act of 1950, it is both fascinating and disturbing to observe how information – and interpretation of what is available – is disseminated and shared.

I have no idea what is on the horizon as far as possible overreaches. With any new information, I will always be interested in the inclusion of conditional or time suspensions – which everyone should pay close attention to.

As for me, I shall remain a frequent visitor to,,, and other local government websites. Of course, my trust in the written word these days is not idealistic and blindly subservient… but I am making the efforts to understand the official source rather than the interpretation of others.

It will be as interesting to read about the perspective shifts on some ideas as it will be to continue to write about my own evolution of thought and subsequent observations… when I have the time, clarity, and quiet to get them down…    

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