Quick Thoughts

You want to hear what we – some members of the veteran community think?

…About geopolitics…?

…About social issues…?

…About the inescapable rhythms of history…?

Then do us a favor:

Listen. Seriously listen.

Foreign policy is often a monkey shit fight at the zoo due to people not understanding the history and familiarity of the regional disagreements and friction.

Social policy has become the court of public opinion, though Bernays and Lippmann would probably compare the contemporary public opinion to a court held by bipedial marsupials.

And history… it is flavored by the mistakes, the rotten intent, and the finest rare ingredients ever imagined by those who craft sense out of it all…

However, words can mean things and should be captured. If not for the sake of posterity, then just for the smug commentary of “I fucking told you so, dumbass.”

If repeated enough, those lessons might just sink in.

If they don’t, then those who pay attention will know to plan accordingly and dig in for the right reasons.

What we say is often unpolished and tarnished with emotion that comes from feeling like so much has been wasted. However, the true waste would be to carry those lessons to the grave.

Time is ticking and the Muse, she is stirring.

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