Motivation and Ted Talks

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we were discussing creative outlets. He’s a poet at heart and was a mariner by trade, and our conversations have ranged a wide variety of topics – from the evolution of leadership during the Second World War, to the source of inspiration, and finally – why we write.

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Turkey, Leadership, and the Fire Pit

Originally posted November 27, 2015.
A post-Thanksgiving dinner brought the topic of my paper on Charles A. Lockwood,’s leadership during the Second World War and the feedback of the host was especially appreciated due to his prior service as an officer in the U.S. Navy:
“You wrote that Lockwood had both ‘transactional’ and ‘transformational’ leadership skills. Do you think most leaders have both types of leadership skills? Do you think a good leader must have both?”

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Originally, this was posted January 15, 2016 – a few days before I received my DD-214 marking my official retirement from the Army after 20 years’ service… Since then it has been improved upon a bit…
Hoist training, Oahu, 2009.
“…That’s why I don’t believe you can fail. You only fail if you give up. The second you decide ‘Aw, I’m not gonna do it’… ‘Aw, I’ll just give up’, that’s YOU making that choice. You’re the one choosing to fail. You have to make the decision to fail. Whereas, if you don’t ever make that decision, you say ‘No… I’m just going to keep on going until it friggin’ happens’, well, then you don’t fail. You’re just in the process of making it happen.” Jeb Corliss (@ 8:58)

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On Redacted

I just realized that this post was missing from this blog. As it is pretty much the cornerstone of my views on participating in many discussions on social media, I feel that it is important to include this explanation for the sake of the reader. 

As I have been retired since March 1, 2016, I realize that much of my professional concerns may be put to rest. However, given that I have not yet found my next career, I shall always be careful what is posted, my stance on selective participation and deliberate posting will remain… 

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Golf Sierra Event

One of my more interesting “thought experiment” assignments during an Oceanography discussion last May centered around the unlikely idea that the Gulf Stream suddenly, and without reason, stopped. Writing from the perspective of an Operations Manager for an unnamed shipping company reacting to this crisis, I looked at the immediate impact and offered several possible “contingency plans.”  Continue reading “Golf Sierra Event”

Hitler, Hussein, and the Problems of Comparison

Source: ‘ – used with permission

Recent commentary once again has provided me with an opportunity to offer my opinions and perspectives about the problems associated with history – specifically Hitler. This being said, while it may appear that I am critical of the cartoon in the following response in an academic forum, I fully appreciate and admire the symbolism intended. My issue is – and always will be – with the overbearing and terrible figure Hitler was and my own perspective of quick and casual comparisons. Continue reading “Hitler, Hussein, and the Problems of Comparison”

Inspiration and Frustration

Originally posted January 31, 2016.

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