Originally, this was posted January 15, 2016 – a few days before I received my DD-214 marking my official retirement from the Army after 20 years’ service… Since then it has been improved upon a bit…
Hoist training, Oahu, 2009.
“…That’s why I don’t believe you can fail. You only fail if you give up. The second you decide ‘Aw, I’m not gonna do it’… ‘Aw, I’ll just give up’, that’s YOU making that choice. You’re the one choosing to fail. You have to make the decision to fail. Whereas, if you don’t ever make that decision, you say ‘No… I’m just going to keep on going until it friggin’ happens’, well, then you don’t fail. You’re just in the process of making it happen.” Jeb Corliss (@ 8:58)

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On Redacted

I just realized that this post was missing from this blog. As it is pretty much the cornerstone of my views on participating in many discussions on social media, I feel that it is important to include this explanation for the sake of the reader. 

As I have been retired since March 1, 2016, I realize that much of my professional concerns may be put to rest. However, given that I have not yet found my next career, I shall always be careful what is posted, my stance on selective participation and deliberate posting will remain… 

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Behind the Scenes

Originally posted June 30, 2016.

FOB Speicher. Iraq, 2006.

I’ve been back and forth between RallyPoint and Facebook in what started off as a “math-avoidance” tactic, but turned into refining my retirement and trying to make sense of the fact that I don’t have to sign back in off of leave… EVER.

I came across the post of one anonymous Sergeant who was trying to sort out his personal feelings about Memorial Day and just plain old tired of the politics, politicians, foreign policy, and the overall bullshit which can become a substantial obstacle to a mid-career NCO. He posed the question “is there anybody else that can relate?”, and I answered: Continue reading “Behind the Scenes”

Happiness Through Progression and Career Stagnation

Originally posted October 15, 2014.
The instructions for the assignment were “Write a narrative in which you tell about an experience that affected you in a positive way. Write your narrative for a general audience that would include your classmates…”
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May 26, 2007 – “Go Your Own Way” (Part Three of Three)

Originally published June 2, 2012.

It started innocently enough – I started going through my old posts and ended up  re-reading one of my all-time favorite pieces. Now I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac, twitchy from the caffeine influx earlier and the flood of memories from that day and that flight.

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May 26, 2007 – “CPL Millard” (Part Two of Three)

Originally published August 7, 2007.

Current mood:stressed.

It was bugging me, not knowing who it was on our bird that day, so I did a little bit of research and found the site the family put up.“Now what?” I asked after reading the messages left by friends and family that had lost someone special. What do you say? Not a question of “Should I?” but “What?” Continue reading “May 26, 2007 – “CPL Millard” (Part Two of Three)”

May 26, 2007 (Part One of Three)

This is the first of several associated posts from one flight almost 10 years ago. I’ve shared this before, but it just occurred to me that this blog was a better medium.

Note: In going back, I realized May 28th fell on a Monday that year. I sat down as soon as I could when I wrote this, so my days might have been off. The actual events took place May 26th. Aside from this note for clarification and the title of this post, everything will remain unchanged. 

Saturday Morning…

Sometimes, there are warnings about the material that follows – disclaimers of “If you are sensitive to disturbing imagery, do not proceed”. It seems that the reader is hooked at that point and rarely, if ever, heed the cautions and proceeds out of curiosity, only to find out halfway through, that they really didn’t want to know that much. By then, it is too late, and only the very sensitive can really stop reading.

Consider that your warning.

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